We design and build the future of data centers.


From concept design to execution using proven technology


We build faster, better and cheaper with full control over our supply chain


Superior quality and functionality for high quality final product


Strong partnerships, digitalization and standardization

A growing market

The data and IT sector is evolving as AI and related capabilities are evolving. As a result, the data center capabilities are increasing, and so is the need for less complex and more industrialized design solutions. The market is becoming more complex and challenging because of a much shorter delivery period, and there is an increased demand for higher specialization in new technologies. The implementation of new technologies is a requirement to address the changing market and circular economy is becoming crucial for sustainable  development of data centers.

CTS Nordics offers services to address all these changes and requirements within the market and we work together with our partners and clients to set new standards and become industry leaders.
CTS Nordics is a design and build contractor with sole focus on integrated data center solutions in the Nordics. We specialize in full digitalization from concept to commercial operations, including design, execution, commissioning and production. By applying innovative technologies we are able to stay on the forefront of data center construction while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our supply chain of strong partnerships, standardized solutions and integration of digital tools, allows us to deliver better and cheaper data centers at a faster turn-around rate.

01 Design

Together with our design partners, we deliver services ranging from feasibility to concept and execution design.

We use the latest proven technology developed by highly experienced engineers to create industry standardized solutions. These solutions have a strong impact on efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.

02 Build

Our core competence is building data centers. By having full control over our supply chain and M&E under our ownership, we are able to deliver a better and cheaper product, at a faster rate.

Together with our strategic execution partners we stay on-schedule and on-budget using 3D quality recognition and project controls. We maximize pre fabrication and standardization by applying the latest proven technology.

03 Commissioning

In order to ensure the handover of a high quality and functioning final product, it is crucial to perform continuous testing and adjustments throughout the design, build and production phases of a data center project.

Each mechanical, electrical, and special package system undergoes individual testing as well as testing when interconnected. We invest in rigorous testing to ultimately ensure a faster handover and increase the overall customer satisfaction.

04 Production

We focus on two areas of production; pre fabrication (PODs, switchboards, PMS, BMS etc.), and actual production (construction).

Our competitive advantage comes from the partnerships we have established, and their strong focus on digitalization and standardization. This enables us to stay agile and deliver high quality solutions at a faster rate.

Operation services are not managed by CTS Nordics, but we deliver technologies through our partners to reduce operating expenses for our clients.
We have a hands-on approach and focus on maintaining a transparent relationship with all stakeholders throughout the planning and execution phase of each project.

Where to find us
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