With passion for the business.

Who are we

CTS Nordics is a design and build company solely specialized in data centers in the Nordic region. We work closely with a group of partners throughout our entire supply chain, which gives us the ability to deliver better and cheaper solutions at a faster pace. With commitment to innovation and excellence, CTS Nordics remain at the forefront of technology, giving us the ability to provide our clients with the best service on the market today.

Our headquarters is located in Norway, and we have satellite offices in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. With fully operational local offices, we are able to stay on top of all local regulations related to data center development. We are growing exponentially through the use of new technologies, international partnerships, own production facilities, exhaustive prefabrication workshops, strong focus on standardized design, control of our construction supply chain and digitalized commissioning processes.
As the data center industry is growing, so is the need for talented and experienced people. Our inhouse teams of specialists have years of experience within the data center industry, and we work closely with partners who deliver cutting edge solutions within their field of expertise. CTS Nordics consists of teams from more than 28 nationalities and diversity is a natural part of our culture.

The Nordics and Europe follow strict data and privacy regulations, and so do we when we design and build data centers.

Why CTS Nordics

Being at the forefront of data center design and construction, we continue to work towards a more sustainable data center future. We want to be different, all the while focusing on safety, reliability and discretion. By simplifying and standardizing complex processes, our goal is to be more efficient and affordable than alternative solutions.

Our mission
Our mission is to deliver faster, better, and cheaper design & build services to the data center industry.

Our vision
Our vision is to simplify and continuously optimize and innovate the way we build data centers for a sustainable future. 

Our values
Our value is passion for the business. We are passionate about our partnerships, new proven technology, high standards of safety, diversity and doing things differently. 

Accreditations and awards

We are continuously improving and focus on delivering high quality projects. We believe that we can always learn something new from the industry, our clients, and partners.

Standardization is at the core of our business, and we make an effort to implement tools that can help us achieve this while meeting industry regulations and high levels of security for our clients. We push boundaries and aim to inspire the industry to think differently.

Below are some industry accreditation given to us as a company, or to our projects together with our clients.

Datacloud Global Awards 2021 - Data Centre Construction Award


The Data Centre Construction Award is presented to a single project per year, and recognises excellence in the construction of a data center or phase of a data center development. The winning project was a 2 x 3MW building for DigiPlex in Fetsund, Norway

DCD Award Nomination 2022 - Data Center Construction Team of the Year


The delivery of a data center is a race against the clock, as time is money. It’s also a situation where no corners can be cut, and the eventual product must not fall below agreed specifications and quality standards.

This award recognizes construction teams that demonstrated flexibility and initiative in dealing with project twists and turns while meeting or exceeding overall time, cost and quality outcomes.

Current certifications

To maintain industry standards and offer reliable services, CTS Nordics holds several ISO certifications.

Where to find us
Ensjøveien 20, 0661, Oslo, Norway
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